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This is not your typical leadership development programme. We understand that no two business are the same. Our approach is to meet with you to discuss your vision and values and create a bespoke high-performance programme together, tailored to you for your brand, your people and your business.  We cover a range of subject matters including:

  • Skill development

  • Vision and Strategy planning

  • Resilience and change management

  • Internal and external modelling

  • Transition into high performance

  • Leading for results

  • Mental health and well-being

  • Leadership profiling

  • Conflict resolution through good communication


Our approach is to coach, develop, train and motivate both individually and as a high performing team, giving a greater understanding of individual behaviours, collective attitudes and communication skills, enabling teams to work more effectively and efficiently. 

We understand exactly what it takes to reach the top of the podium within a high performance environment and it is this experience that gives us the winning advantage and allows us to stand out from the crowd to deliver elite programmes to help maximise the potential of the people within your business.

1404 Performance are the difference that makes the difference

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