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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

At 1404 Performance we look at two key elements to achieving performance. Physical and Mental. Results are not simply delivered on brute strength and ignorance. To put it into a sporting context, running the 100m is not simply about running as hard as you can for 100m. A 100m race is built of many elements. First you have the blocks, once they are set correctly of course, you need to generate the power through the front foot, then, how quickly you bring the trail leg through and what distance in front does it strike for optimal performance, you are now into the drive phase, head down arms pumping and accelerating up to full speed. Once you hit top speed its about holding that speed all the way to the finish line, all this whilst remembering to stay relaxed, the minute you tense up, its over. Now this is a very simplistic look at the 100m, there are many more elements to it, but I hope it shows that it’s about making sure that we not only look at the big picture, but all the smaller details that will get us there.

Mind and Body

But this is just the physical, it is of no use having all the tools to deliver if mentally you are beaten or exhausted before you step onto the start line. Athletes need to work on their mental approach as well as their physical. They need to be able to perform under pressure and deliver when it really matters, World records set on the training track don’t count.

How is this achieved, well in sport it is only achieved one way, through hard work. Athletes train 1000’s of hours, race hundreds of times, all to prepare them for the big moments. It is through this that they gain the confidence and resilience needed.

When we work with businesses and the teams within them, we help them to understand that it is this attention to detail that is needed to deliver, but it’s not simply about understanding it’s about putting it into practice and constantly checking in to make sure you are going in the right direction.

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